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Jan 16, 2019 apache 2.2 - Serve http (port 80) and https (port 443) on I found that Apache 2.4.10 sets the SERVER_PORT environment variable to 443 instead of using the port on which the request came in (80 or 443 depending). Pity, as I was hoping to be able to use this, as I really wanted to keep one file per virtual host. Stop VMWare from using port 443. |VMware Communities Dec 01, 2016 Common Application Ports - Bandwidth Controller This table lists the ports used by some of the more popular applications. The first column shows the name of the application's protocol. The next column lists each port used by the product, including any port ranges. The third column shows which protocol the ports refer to (TCP, UDP or both).

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How to unblock port 443 | XSplit Blog If you have problems using XSplit to certain streaming services, please check that you can communicate to the internet on port TCP/443 (https) because some services require that port for security. If you cannot use https, you will need to unblock it and allow it. What ports are used by your VPN service? - Knowledgebase

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What ports are used by your VPN service? - Knowledgebase In addition, the PIA application pings our gateways over port 8888. This is used to connect you to the server with the lowest latency when you use the auto connect feature. We also have more in-depth information on our OpenVPN ports including the protocols, settings and certificates that should be used with them in this article. XAMPP on Windows – Port 443 used by VMware – Matt's … May 29, 2014 SQL Server: Frequently Used Ports - TechNet Articles Used when connecting through a url, this is user configurable; this can be customized while creating an endpoint. Port 80 for CLEAR_PORT traffic & 443 for SSL_PORT traffic. HTTPS endpoint: TCP: 443: Default instance running over an HTTPS endpoint, used for a connection through url which used SSL. iSCSI: 3260, 860 : SQL Agent File Copy: 135