VPNSecure was founded in 2010 in Australia by VPNSecure Pty Ltd (AU). So they’ve been around for at least seven years now. VPNSecure.me pushes the claim that they collect no user logs right on their homepage. But is there something lurking beneath the surface of their privacy policy that says otherwise? In this VPNSecure review, I […] May 27, 2020 · VPNSecure provides a large server list of locations, with a choice of encryption level. They keep no logs, and place no limits on bandwidth or data quotas. VPNSecure’s Smarter DNS Package is a great feature, allowing you to view geo-restricted websites, without needing to go through any proxy service, but there are some slow speeds. VPNSecure is a Private Internet VPN service provider which provides easy to use VPN downloads and a wide range of services, desktop windows VPN, Mac / OSX VPN, Android VPN, Multiple Protocols available although we recommend OpenVPN for security. This is my review of VPNSecure.me which is branded as VPN.S Secure Networks which started in the security space in 2011. They are located in Queensland, Australia. Their goal is to provide users with an open and secure internet. The accomplish this, they offer VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy services. Dec 09, 2019 · VPNSecure Review - 2020 Last Updated on December 9th, 2019 VPNSecure is a zero-logs provider with decent security and privacy specs on the one side, and no bandwidth or switching limits on the other. VPNSecure is a reliable security tool. VPNSecure is a private Internet VPN service provider, a reliable and convenient tool for anonymous Internet access. Service Securely encrypt your web traffic and hide your IP address. Available 53 servers in over 48 countries around the world.

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VPNSecure Review - Secure Thoughts VPNSecure came across as a very legitimate business to me. Their website was easy to navigate and well-designed, and they had tons of technical information on their service laid out in an easy to understand and organized fashion. Vpnsecure.me - Vpnsecure: Best VPN Service Provider

May 07, 2020 · VPNSecure Review Final Thoughts. I have recently been thinking about the rating system used in these reviews. VPNSecure is a great VPN. It’s not logging your data, doesn’t leak, supports all the main OS platforms. It’s filled with useful features like kill-switch. Everything you would expect. Good value for the price.

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