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Subnet mask for - Masks Jan 10, 2019 Private network - Wikipedia For example, while / 8 was a single class A network, it is common for organizations to divide it into smaller / 16 or / 24 networks. Contrary to a common misconception, a / 16 subnet of a class A network is not referred to as a class B network. Likewise, a / 24 subnet of a class A or B network is not referred to as a class C network.

You are using the Class A network of and need to create networks that support 254 hosts that will be used for each LAN. The tenth network that was created will be used for addressing all the point-to-point links between routers at HQ, all the point-to-point WAN links, and …

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Please select a block of IP addresses below to view the "" IPv4 CIDR subnet mask range and related neighborhood IP address listings.This includes all listings from to

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