To get an easy Google Play refund, you have to first open the Google Play Store app, navigate to the app or game page in question, and then tap on the “REFUND” button. If that button is missing, it

How To Get Your Money Back After Purchasing App In Play Store Sep 10, 2019 How to get a refund on Google Play Store purchases Sometimes, purchasing from the Play Store isn’t a happy experience. The app isn’t what it claimed to be, or the music is just rubbish. But if you want a refund, you need to act fast. How to Recover Deleted Android App Icons (7 Methods) 5. Select the app drawer icon to get it back on your Home screen. 6. If you don’t see a plus sign or the apps align to fit the new space, long-press the Lower Dock and tap default icon. You should be able to find and select the app drawer option from here. Once you have access to your app drawer, it will be easier to recover any deleted or How to Find Android App Uninstall History & Recover

Jan 03, 2020

How to Increase App Downloads in Google Play Store | BuildFire Now that you released your app on the Google Play Store, you can just sit back, relax, and watch your app rise to the top of the charts – right? Wrong. If you want your app to actually make money, which I’m assuming you do, you’ll need to get downloads. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t seeing a massive surge of downloads right away.

Sep 10, 2019

How do I get the play store back on my phone? | AnswersDrive If clearing the cache and data in your Google Play Store didn't work then you may need to go into your Google Play Services and clear the data and cache there. Doing this is easy. You need to go into your Settings and hit Application manager or Apps. From there, find the Google Play … Keep your device & apps working with Google Play Services Open the Google Play Store . Wait for 5 minutes, then try your download again. Step 3: Clear the cache & data of the Play Store. This gives the app a fresh start and can help fix issues. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app . Tap Apps & notifications See all apps. Scroll down and tap Google Play Store. Tap Storage Clear Cache. How to get back Play store on Samsung Galaxy Y? May 06, 2013