My home network, which is powered by a BT Home Hub connected to BT Total Broadband has been powered down for two weeks while we have been on holiday. I have powered up the hub and connected to the Internet via Ethernet using my PC with no problems but when we try to connect wirelessly using our laptop the hub is unable to allocate an IP address.

Dec 26, 2016 What do the coloured lights on my BT Home Hub mean? | The Jun 19, 2017 BT Business Smart Hub | BT Business The BT Business Smart Hub uses BT Smart Scan technology to monitor your connection and make sure you rely on the most efficient signal. And we’ve built in future-proofing ready for when new devices are wi-fi enabled and internet speeds get even quicker. So the hub’s already prepared to work smarter and faster

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Some common problems and fixes in the BT Home Hub, in association with the guys at the Home Hub Forum. 1. How to register a Hub phone without using the Cradle. 2. How to access home network camera from the internet 3. How to set up a Windows Network on Home Hub 4. How to use a 1010 hub phone on V2 hub 5. re: home hub 5 - setting static lan ip address for printer This sounds to me as if it may be the solution - thank you het-uk. If I understand correctly, there is no way that I can choose a static address within the acceptable address range.

The main reason I bought this device was because the BT Home Hub 3 would not allow Netflix to work on my Smart TV. With the BT Home Hub 5 there is no problem at all with Netflix. Update April 2019: BT updated the firmware in my Home Hub 5 (Type A) automatically again. The firmware is currently Version, last updated 1 March 2019.

Information on this page also applies to the 'Plusnet Hub One' and 'BT Business Hub 5' There is also a type B based on BCM63268, but for 802.11ac it uses the BCM4360 which has no open drivers, so it's a far less attractive target. Feb 13, 2014 · The BT Home Hub 5 is one of the best routers that we’ve reviewed, providing high-speed Wi-Fi at a great price. It’s also very easy to configure thanks to its streamlined interface. Dec 10, 2019 · Your Hub lights will go out and your Hub will restart; Wait for the Hub's Broadband light to glow solid blue. This may take several minutes. How to reset a Home Hub 1.5. Locate the recessed 'Reset to Defaults' button on the side of your Hub; Press and hold the button with a paperclip or similar for 2-3 seconds until your Hub lights go out BT Home Hub Manager - DMZ Help | A-Z Wireless Broadband Home Network Firewall System Port Forwarding UPnP DMZ Configuration DMZ Only one device, with either a static or a private DHCP address, can be placed into the DMZ. The Hub will give it a private IP address and forward all appropriate traffic to this device. BT owns all BT Broadband Smart Hubs, 4G Assure dongles, and Cloud Voice Express phones sent to customers from 01 June 2020 – unless you’ve bought the equipment from us outright. If we send you any equipment to replace a hub, 4G Assure dongle, or Cloud Voice Express phone we own, please return the old items. The BT Home Hub 5 is a dualband router, which means that there are two wireless frequencies for your devices to connect to: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Unfortunately, some gadgets can struggle to remain