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c++ - _WIN32_WINNT macro for both win7 and winxp - Stack I am developing my code using VS2012 on Windows 7. It has to run on both Windows 7 and XP. Will my code run on both Windows 7 and XP if I set _WIN32_WINNT macro as follows: #define _WIN32… X-Win32 - Free download and software reviews - CNET X-Win32 offers both traditional X Windows connect options such as XDMCP, SSH, REXEC, telnet, etc. But is also offers LIVE connections, which are persistent so users can reconnect to a sessions Download XAMPP

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Python for Window Extensions. Python extensions for Microsoft Windows Provides access to much of the Win32 API, the ability to create and use COM objects, and the Pythonwin environment. Windows API - Wikipedia

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